How We Work

Step 1.  We start with a unit point of contact (POC) filling out the quote request form with information like who you are, your unit, and what you type of products you are interested in. 

Step 2. Next, once we have the artwork or collaborate to make the logo(s) with you, we make the proofs of the product and adjust until we reach final product(s).

Step 3.  Once final product designs are done, Patriot Ink puts the unit specific sale page together and sends the link to the unit POC.

Step 4.  The unit POC sends out the link or sale info as necessary. Everyone does their own ordering and paying. The sale lasts a predetermined amount of time, after which we make all the products ordered and individually package them per customer.

Step 5. Getting the products to you. We ask for 2-3 weeks for production and shipping to a centralized unit location or individual shipping customers. Updates and tracking are provided as available.